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Firepower Nandina is very colorful and very hardy.  Another plus is that it is a disease resistant shrub.  Further more, landscaper’s will love this plant.   Known specifically for its bright green leaves and beautiful “fiery” red color.  Also, Firepower Nandina is known to attract butterflies and humming birds.  Butterflies and humming birds can be a delight for any yard or garden.  Most of all, the plant is Deer-resistant. And, we all know the deer are out there and hungry to munch on your landscaping plants.  Also noteworthy, this evergreen ornamental shrub needs very little care once they are established.  They require just a minimal amount of pruning.

  • Zone 6-9
  • Full sun to shade
  • Easy to grow/maintain
  • Evergreen plant – providing dramatic color changing foliage throughout the year
  • Water regularly until established
  • Great for foundation, border, hedge, container and mass planting
  • Fertilize in spring with slow-release granular fertilizer

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Firepower Nandina  • RJ Mehaffey Nursery

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